Mick Finucan

Mick Finucan


Mick’s affiliation with the world of electronic music began, whilst growing up in the South West of Ireland. Around the time of the millennium after experimenting with other genres a discovery was made. This changed his perspective and has influenced his musical direction to this day. The album Decks EFX 909 proved to be a catalyst and a game changer, thus introducing him to the world of techno, its rolling percussion and hypnotic loops.

Whilst attending university the clubbing scene quickly took over his social life and as a result led him to the other side of the dance floor. It was in 2000 his first set of turntables were purchased. He like many others spent countless hours learning the trade, throwing parties and evolving his musical palette. As a result, this musical journey has taken him on clubbing experiences around the globe.

Fast forward to the present day, he is now residing in London. Here in the capital, he has already stepped into the DJ booths of super-clubs like Ministry of Sound and Pacha, caning his own brand of house and techno. The last year has been a massive learning curve for him and his productions. He now feels confident with where his music is going and what he wants to achieve. At the end of last year, he released tracks on Ovum and Italo Business and this year he has continued to grow as a producer, with further releases on Yin Yang, Ultrachic and Dynamo Recordings.

From my time with him it has become apparent, that yes indeed, his passion no obsession lies in music and everything it encompasses. An obsession that runs very deep and what the future holds for him who knows, but it could get interesting.